Picket Vinyl Fence


The Evergreen is our best selling PVC picket fence. It is similar to the Cloverdale fence with only one difference: a dog ear picket cap instead of a spade picket cap. A popular choice for picket fencing with pickets that go into the bottom rail and through the top rail.

Evergreen II

Don’t like the pointed look of the spade cap? The Evergreen II is a scalloped fence just like the Cloverdale II with the “clipped” look of a dog ear cap. Comes in eight-foot wide sections and available in 3’-6’ height.


The Cloverdale is a traditional-style picket fence from its wide-slat pickets and 2.88” spacing to its standard spade picket caps. It brings a reminiscent warmth of a close-knit community of the past. It is a snapshot in time when neighbours would enjoy the summer breeze as the sunlight flickers off the fence, as they visit in the front yard over the fence.

Cloverdale II

With all the features of the standard Cloverdale, the Cloverdale II has a scalloped concave top fence. The pickets come precut at the proper lengths, removing all the guesswork and extra cutting at installation time. Enjoy your new maintenance-free vinyl fence without having to paint it every few years just to keep it looking sharp.


The Birchwood picket fence series offers narrow-spaced 1.5” pickets, a great feature for those who let their small pets roam in the yard. The Birchwood I straight picket fence goes well with modern-style homes.

Birchwood II

The Birchwood II picket fence adds a touch of elegance to any fencing project you have. Similar in style to the Hadfield privacy fence, the Birchwood II is a great front yard compliment with its narrow square pickets and pyramid picket caps. Finish it off with New England post caps, and it will be a conversation piece with all your neighbours.

Birchwood III

The Birchwood series is not complete without a scalloped picket fence. It has all the standard Birchwood features of picket style and spacing with a concave scallop fence top – a decorative touch for those who want an alternative to the traditional straight picket fence.

Elms Gate

The Elms Gate picket fence is what most people picture when they hear the term “picket fence.” With its wide-slat pickets fixed to the outside of the rails and extending past the top and bottom rails, it’s the closest thing to the traditional wooden picket fence you’ll find; and to top it off, it comes with spade picket caps.

Elms Gate II

Enjoy the same styling as the standard Elm’s Gate picket fence, but with a scalloped top. Add gothic post caps to improve the styling, or change the colour to completely change the look. It’s the classic-looking fence that everyone will think is made from wood. The only difference is, it will always look brand new!


Another great PVC picket fence with fence boards mounted to the top and bottom rails just like traditional wooden picket fencing, but without the upkeep. Enjoy the same styling as the Elms Gate fence style with dog ear picket caps for a softer, more inviting yard.

Oakside II

Available in three, four, or five-foot heights, the classic Oakside fence features a scalloped fence like the Elms Gate II, with a flat-top dog ear picket cap. Never struggle again, trying to get paint into every nook and cranny. This low-maintenance fence never needs a drop of paint!

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